Being competitive in the global marketplace requires a strategic and tactical assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Sierra assists our clients in understanding these, including the risks and exposures, they may have with their business systems, information systems and other assets.

It is imperative to be able to respond to specific threats and challenges, both effectively and timely, to insure a safe and secure environment. Sierra’s team of professionals has the integrity, ingenuity, insight and knowledge to turn risk into reward.

We provide intelligence services in the following areas:

Cyber Security

Ensuring that your organization has the right level of security in place is now more critical ever. Cyber attacks can seriously damage your brand, customers and business partners.

Sierra provides global cyber intelligence to meet the challenges of today’s security environment. Sierra’s technology team of engineers working side by side with our cyber strategic advisors, bring the knowledge and capabilities needed to reduce risk, enable efficiencies and while reducing costs and increasing compliance.

As advisors, we provide the knowledge of the most appropriate tools and technology needed to protect your sensitive data. From strategic planning, design, implementation and integration, Sierra has the team to support our clients.

Asset Management

Sierra’s team of security consultants combines technical security knowledge and operational security experience. Our approach is to design out vulnerability and design in security. Sierra provides all aspects of physical security for hard assets and human assets, from training to protection, across commercial and government infrastructure, transportation systems and military facilities.

Our aim is to provide fully integrated end-to-end solutions that are innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies. We enable our clients to understand the main threats to their organizations and to develop appropriate strategies to counter them.

Risk Mitigation

Sierra understands the challenges that companies face today in the area of risk. Sierra’s multidisciplinary team of system engineers and strategic advisors working together with our clients develop actionable risk mitigation strategies, monitoring metrics and processes to identify, avoid, reduce or accept risk.

Through our business intelligence framework, Sierra helps our clients understand the their particular risk profile and the costs associated with the options for mitigation.